💬 Jupyter Notebook ChatCompletion for VSCode

Jupyter Notebook ChatCompletion is VSCode extension that brings the power of OpenAI’s ChatCompletion API to your Jupyter Notebooks!

With this extension, you can generate completions for your code cells, effectively using Jupyter Notebooks like you would use the OpenAI Playground. The notebook content is sent along the notebook cells, as well as the outputs and errors/warnings for python code cells that have been executed.

When you try to send content larger than the model max token size, a dialogue with token reduction strategy appears.

🌟 Features

This extension will only include the following system message by default: “Format your answer as markdown. If you include a markdown code block, specify the language.” This default system message is not necessary for the extension to function but increases the chance that the extension will detect python code as code cell instead of generic code-block (unknown language). You can set a notebook to the role “System” to override this and define your own system message.

🔒 Full privacy

This extension doesn’t (and will never) collect any information.

The release version’s code can be inspected at the main branch in GitHub

The pre-release version’s code can be inspected at the edge branch in GitHub

Please note that the use of the OpenAPI API is still subject to OpenAI API data usage policies.

🛠 Support

If you encounter any issues or have questions, please head over to GitHub Issues page and create a new issue. I’ll be happy to help! Feature Request are also welcome!